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Happy Saturday on July 18, 2020,

and just like that another week has gone by. After a couple of cooler days it appears today and a few more to come may have higher humidity and temps. With the recent rains and now the sun, the ol’ grass will be in a growing mood.
We are still going live on Sunday’s at Eden Baptist. We are hoping the sound will be fine this week. From the comments last week, sound seemed to be fine with some folks and not so with others. Be sure to turn up the sound on you machine.
This week (Sunday) will be the 7th session at the church since the size of the gatherings were revised up to 50 or less. We have been most pleased and somewhat surprised at the number of members and regular attendees that have returned. We know there are some who are unable to attend due to health issues but desire to be present. That’s why we are doing the live sessions and are appreciative of the words of encouragement as well as the suggestions for improvement. Please continue to let us know how we are doing.
This week we return to our journey in Mark and we will take a boat ride of sorts. You can read about the journey in Mark 4:35-41 and the same story is found in Matthew 8:23 -27 and Luke 8:22-25
If you happen to read this and are in the area of 155 Old Bar Harbor Road, Salisbury Cove, drop in and visit with us. We have masks, hand sanitizer and room for social distancing as needed. We might even sing a “filtered” hymn.
Have a blessed day today and I pray are looking forward to a joyous and blessings filled Lord’s Day tomorrow.

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