focus on the kingdom

Focus on the Kingdom

A somewhat damp Good Morning

on this the 11th day of July. I’m moving slower today, it seems. Maybe the darker sky and cloud later above blocking the rays of sunshine. At any rate, the land needs the project wet weather on the horizon for today and tomorrow.
We are planning on being “live” from Eden again in the morning. I (we) appreciate the faithful who turn in for some or all of the service. With churches now open or opening, those followers are now attending their own worship service so, as expected, the viewing numbers have decreased some.
This week we are going to move around a little bit and consider the words Jesus often said as he was about to launch into another parable. “The Kingdom of God is like….”
Not so much the parable but a focus on the “Kingdom”
Love to have you join us in person or on FB as we go live at 9:00a or shortly thereafter. Don’t hesitate to offer suggestions or observations so we can make the live experience the best it can be with what we have to work with.
Have a blessed day today.??? are always appreciated .
???Check Susan’s prelude on Gerry Mann’s page about 8:45a.

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